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Thursday 08/18/2022

(just one play per day)

(1) Not interested in playing so many games each day.

(2) Not interested in all the action that comes with playing 5 to 6 games a day.

(3) Are you more interested in just concentrating on the one MOST STRONGEST play each day.

Then our 6 month VIP Play of the Day Program is for you. It is a service that delivers the one STRONGEST play of the day each day for 180 days. Activate a complete 6 Month VIP Pay of the Day Account a for one time payment of just $500 by clicking the "6 Months Vip Plays" Purchase Now box below or above.

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"Where The Pros Come To Win"

There is not another service out there that can come close to our expertise, level of customer service and of course win rate. We invite you to see for yourself because we know once you enroll and become a SportsPro then you will be with us forever. is a full service advisory consulting firm with a clear mission statement of making available top notch information on sporting events worldwide to the every player on the planet.

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